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The No More Bald Spot Story

       No More Bald Spot


When I was about 25 years old I started noticing my hair was thinning out on my crown. It is such a slow process. I ignored it at first, pretending it was my imagination, and just hoped no one else noticed it. Eventually at my job people began to make small comments about my hair loss, I laughed them off, but the truth is I really felt terrible about my hair, and my confidence was dropping every time I looked in the mirror.


Like everyone who begins to notice hair loss, I started searching for solutions, and I quickly realized there was no hope for me. I tried the special shampoos, Rogaine, vitamins, I even tried this thing where I did a handstand every day for 5 minutes to increase blood flow to my head and grow hair LOL! (Spoiler alert that didn’t work either) 


The only REAL solution I could find was to get a hair transplant, I mean it worked for Elon Musk right. The only problem with that is normal people like us don’t have Elon Musk money to pay for something like that (Over $10,000!)


One day, as my wife was dragging me around a make-up store, I stumbled upon a miracle. Colored Hair Fibers were the solution I had been searching for.


The problem?


The cost was $47 a bottle!


I decided to buy the bottle and give it a try because I was desperate for a solution, and it actually worked! I couldn’t believe I had never seen or heard of a product like this before. Why is this product not in every big box retailer right next to the Rogaine? Why is this product not Sampled and Sold at every hair salon and barbershop?

That’s when I decided to take matters in to my own hands and create a better, AND more affordable product to be made available to average guys like you and me. 


A few months later,  No More Bald Spot was born.


-Sean Robinson, No More Bald Spot Creator