Wind/Sweat/Rain Resistant - 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is No More Bald Spot Made Of?

No More Bald Spot is made up of all natural colored gossypium herbacum, or for anyone who is not a botanist, all natural colored cotton fibers. 

Will No More Bald Spot Grow My Hair Back?

No More Bald Spot is not made to grow hair back. It is made to conceal hair loss in a natural looking way. There are products out there that will help to stop hair loss, and maybe even grow hair back, but those products can take years to work. No More Bald Spot was made to conceal hair loss instantly. 

Is No More Bald Spot Waterproof?

No More Bald Spot is not waterproof, but is water resistant. It will stay firmly in place in wind, rain and when sweating, but will wash out if fully submerged in water (Swimming, bathing, Showering)

How long will No More Bald Spot stay in my hair?

Generally No More Bald Spot will stay in place until you wash your hair. They may shift during the day or when you sleep but can be easily touched up. 

What Kind of Hair Does No More Bald Spot Work On?

No More Bald Spot works on ALL hair. It is for men and women of all races and ethnicity.