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No More Bald Spot Starter Kit: Includes Hair Fibers, Minoxidil, Spray Applicator, Mirror, Hairline Optimizing Comb

If you are new to the world of No More Bald Spot CONGRATULATIONS!

You will no longer have to walk around ashamed of your bald spot.

Welcome back to a world of confidence

The No More Bald Spot Starter Kit includes everything you will need to get started. After you purchase these one time items, you will just need to order more No More Bald Spot Hair Fibers every two months or so, and you are all set!

1 Two Month Supply of No More Bald Spot Hair Fibers ($20 Value)

1 One Month Supply of Minoxidil Spray ($15 Value)

Minoxidil is the medical name for Rogaine. Our Minoxidil has the power to stop your hair loss, and even grow your hair back!

1 Spray Applicator ($10 Value) The No More Bald Spot Spray Applicator allows you to easily and accurately spray our Hair Fibers on to the specific areas where you need them the most. Just pop the cap off, and put the Spray Applicator on in its place!

1 Hand Held Mirror ($7 Value)You know what's crazy about having a bald spot? Other people can see it, but you can't! You need a separate mirror in order to be able to see your bald spot in your bathroom mirror at home. 

1 Hairline Optimizing Comb ($5 Value) Place the hairline optimizer comb where you would like your hairline to be, and use our hair fiber dispenser to apply. Watch the Magic as your hairline returns back to where it used to be!

If you were to buy all of these items separately your total would be $57

Buy them here as a bundle and we are going to give you 10% off.

We appreciate your business!